Education Programs for Families and Youth

The Alliance regularly host educational meetings (1-2 hours) or half-day workshops (4 hours) based on the critical needs of our families and youth. Please contact us if you would like to have a meeting or workshop in your community.

Youth and Family Alliance educational programs
Leadership Development

We also cultivate interested parents and youth to serve in leadership roles through our statewide Parent Advisory Network and Youth Council. Together, our voices will create a strong, authentic system of care.

Community Education & Awareness

We are dedicated to raising the awareness of mental health issues that affect families throughout the state. The more communities learn about mental health disorders and understand what resources are available, the better our children will be. To that end, the Alliance offers educational presentations to community organizations and child serving agencies. We are always looking for new speaking venues. Let us know if your civic, church, or professional group would be interested in hearing from us.

Youth and Family Alliance community education