Parenting a child with social, emotional and behavioral health challenges and developmental and physical disabilities.

Children and Families – resources links.

Illinois State Resources

Transitional Information

A workbook and guide for transitioning to adult life for individuals, students and families.

Autism Guide

Legal Resources

Legal Resources and Considerations for Seniors and Persons with Special Needs

Legal Resources

Keeping Disabled Persons Safe around Remodeling

A How-To Guide For Keeping Disabled Persons Safe

A How To Guide

Home Assistance

United Disability Services

United Disability Services

Teacher Vision

Special Needs – Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Safety and Assistive Technology: Protection for Seniors and Disabled.

Emergency Preparedness

Disability and Credit Scores

How Being Disabled Hurts Your Credit.

Disablilty and Credit Scores

United States Department of Labor

Disability Resources from the Department of Labor.

Disability Resources

Your Storage Finder

Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home for Seniors and Individuals with Special Needs.

Declutter and Organize

One Reverse Mortgage

Special Needs Seniors – Planning for the Future of this Vulnerable Population.

Special Needs Seniors